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Limitorque has evolved over 70 years since its strategic introduction of a “torque-limiting” design that changed an industry. Limitorque’s original torquelimiting innovation was devised, patented, and adopted by essentially all electric valve actuator makers worldwide.

Limitorque is strongly focused on automation and support of the valve industry. Industrial valves face an extraordinary range of torque requirements. Limitorque actuator product families comprise as many as 11 distinct sizes and a multitude of configurations and combinations to meet electrical, electronic, environmental, safety, compliance, and automation strategies.

Limitorque experts devise state-of-the-art applications using, for example, the Accutronix MX™ electronic valve actuator, with its easy-to-use human interface and a choice of seven languages. Open-standards-based DDC-100 valve-network technology is used to connect (without master station gateways) to virtually all PC, PLC, and DCS-based automation systems.

Limitorque’s most recent patents include:
• an innovative, absolute-position encoder that enables electronic actuators to track valve position without using batteries, even when handwheel-operated during power outages, and
• special electronic circuits and techniques, called LimiGard™, that eliminate single sources of failure due to component failures, noise-induced bit errors, and software corruption. LimiGard ensures fail-no-action capability for electronics-based actuators such as the Accutronix MX family.
While eliminating the need for batteries, these technologies make valve control easier through the reduction of maintenance requirements and the improved performance benefits of dependable electronics in harsh industrial environments.

Products of Limitorque
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Product NameModel
Limitorque Accutronix Electronic Valve ActuatorAccutronix MX
Limitorque Bevel Gear OperatorB320
Limitorque Electric Valve ActuatorL120
Limitorque Network ControllerMaster Station II

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