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Since 1948, Argus high-quality ball valves have been used in control and transport systems in the process and gas distribution industries. All Argus ball valves comply with API 6 D, ANSI B16.34, BS 5351 and DIN 3357.

Argus ball valves meet the requirements of both the oil and gas industry and of the chemical and petro-chemical industries making Argus unique among the world´s ball valves manufacuturers.

Argus supplies a wide range of materials and hard-coatings that are available for metallic-sealing ball valves. Metallic sealing system for all valve sizes and pressure ratings are one of the strengths of the Argus ball valve.

Product Features:
• Low-temperature steels, (A 350L F2)
• Cast stainless steel (A 182 F 316L; A 105 CF8M)
• API 6D, ANSI B16.34, BS 5351, DIN 3357

Products of Argus
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Product NameModel
ARGUS Ball Valve EK seriesEK71
Argus Ball Valve FK seriesFK79
Argus Ball Valve FK seriesFK75M

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