Fisher-Rosemount Petroleum provides the best value precision flow measurement applications for the petroleum industry. While addressing petroleum production, refining off-site, transportation and terminal marketing applications, Fisher-Rosemount Petroleum has a special focus on environmental regulations and control, mass measurement and proving, electronic blending, batching and additive injection, net oil and water cut analysis, low maintenance equipment for abrasive or low lubricity liquids, requirements for global safety and Weights & Measures approvals.



BiRotor Flowmeters


Turbine Flowmeters


Fisher-Rosemount Petroleum company is an
industry-focused organization and an
Emerson Process Management Group integral member


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Daniel Europe Limited is dealing with Training Courses on oil & gas measurement. Anyone who is new to the oil & gas fiscal measurement business or wants to update on the latest techniques can attend to Daniel's Training Courses. The courses covers all sections of measurement such as gas chromatograph/controller course, multi-phase flow metering course, Terminal automation course, Ultrasonic flow metering course, Liquid Metering course, gas metering and analysis course, operator / maintenance and engineer courses and many more.





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