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NEW Coppus Steam Turbine!

The Coppus RLHA28E is a specialized single stage steam turbine designed to provide useful power from relatively low pressure, high volume steam conditions.

The RLHA28E features oversize inlet and exhaust connections as well as nozzle capacity in the top and bottom half of the casing. This design accommodates large volumes of low pressure steam that would otherwise be wasted. The single stage construction reduces equipment cost allowing a faster and favorable return on investment.

About Coppus
Coppus has a long-lasting reputation as a leading supplier of API compliant steam turbines. Today Coppus continue its leadership in meeting strict API 611 standards offering single stage steam turbines to the oil, gas and other process industries with capabilities up to 4,000 HP (2,984 kWe).

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Date: 10.01.2005
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