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Emerson Brooks QUANTIM? Coriolis Mass Flow Controller Honored With Industry Awards.

IndMac Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Brooks family of QUANTIM Coriolis technologies has been recognized by two trade journals for industry awards as an innovation in precision mass flow control for low-flow applications. Flow Control magazine honored QUANTIM with its annual Innovation Award in the September 2004 issue, and has posted a case study about the product on its on-line site. Processing magazine honored QUANTIM with its annual Breakthrough Product award in its December 2004 issue.

In March 2004, Brooks Instrument released its 2nd generation Brooks Coriolis mass flow meter/controller. In September 2004, Brooks released an enhanced version with approval for use in Class 1 Division 2 installations as a UL-recognized component. Since its original introduction in 2000, the Brooks Instrument family of QUANTIM Coriolis technologies has been distinguished in the marketplace as a unique low-flow direct mass flow controller that improves in-process precision and reliability and reduces influences from process variables. Packaged in a miniaturized configuration, QUANTIM comes complete with integrally mounted control valve, and can simultaneously measure fluid density and temperature in addition to gas and liquid flow rate.

QUANTIM is the lowest flow Coriolis meter and controller available on the market today. Users can change liquids or gases without switching meters or recalibrating the device. QUANTIM has no moving parts in the area where process liquids and gases flow, which minimizes maintenance requirements. Minimal physical space is required due to its small, integrated design. Piping and wiring during installation are dramatically simplified since QUANTIM has fully integrated sensor, transmitter, valve, and control electronics.

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Date: 15.12.2004
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