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Brodie Oval Gear Meters

Did you know that IndMac Ltd. offers the Brodie Meter family of Oval Gear Meters, which are extremely accurate and are compatible for use in chemical, industrial and hydrocarbon applications?

Available in ½" through 3" with 150# and 300# ANSI flanges, this extremely accurate technology is capable of operating in a wide range of viscous products while maintaining accuracy and low pressure drop. We offer three designs of Oval Gear Meters:

• The 9400 Series Oval Flowmeters are mechanical positive displacement meters of a three piece design. A top and bottom flange replaces the older closed body configuration. This design allows service from either side of the measuring chamber and provides access to the rotors without interrupting electrical or mechanical connections to auxiliary equipment. The addition of a mechanical preset and valve creates a unique ability to batch viscous liquids accurately and without the need of power.

• The 9800 Series Oval Flowmeters utilize the same three piece design as the 9400 Series, but it uses a sensor to detect gear rotation to determine displaced volume and flow rate. The pulse from the sensor is preamplified and is available on the Brodie Rate/ Totalizer or other electronic accessories as a direct output.

• The 9900 Series Oval Flowmeters is the most sophisticated electronic positive displacement meter on the market. What sets the 9900 Series apart is the Smart Meter Manager. This 4-20 loop-powered, multivariable flow computer eliminates the need for secondary electronics, additional wiring, and power supplies.

It is packaged to fit easily in the UMB enclosure and expands the capability of the meter to include factored 2 wire, 4-20 mA output, and with ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) the K-factor now represents both corrected volume and mass flow. This expanded capability is enhanced by HART Communications.

Oval Gear Meter Principle of Operation

The Oval Gear Series has continued to evolve and has made a resurgence in chemical, industrial, and hydrocarbon measurement. IndMac Ltd. continues to offer spare parts, repair and calibration service for customers that know and depend on the Oval Gear Series.

About Brodie Meter
Brodie Meter provides liquid flow meters and equipment for the petroleum and industrial markets. The company specializes in high precision meters that are used in the custody transfer of petroleum products in a variety of applications. The current product portfolio includes positive displacement meters (PD) – (BiRotor meter™, BiRotor Plus™, Oval Gear meter and Vane meter), electronic totalizers, strainers and air eliminators, control valves and fabricated skids. All of these products have enjoyed a great deal of success in the past and are globally recognized and respected in the industry.

About IndMac Ltd.
INDMAC LTD is a leading provider of engineering, automation, flow control technology products and services. The company΄s activities span a number of industries, including Oil & Gas production, Refining & Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Shipping and Power generation.


Date: 18.01.2005
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