Orbit Valve International Inc. has focused its full resources on customer satisfaction. Nowadays, Orbit continues to provide outstanding products and services through an ongoing process of Total Quality Management. The company's unique block valve technology provides valves with unmatched durability, safety and long-term performance.

Single sitted ball valves

Fire testing and certification to the
latest industry standards is performed
under the eye of independent inspectors


The Orbit valve shown is complete
with an Orbit piston actuator that allows
remote or automatic operation


Orbit valves are ideal for use where frequent cycling and
positive shutoff are required


Double block and
bleeded valves

  • Verifiable zero-leakage
  • Zero wear
  • Double block and bleed
  • Positive shut-off
  • Fast & easy operation
  • In-line servicing
  • Non-slam operator


For ease of maintenance, TruSeal has Bottom Access. If
there is a clear space below the valve remove the lower plate.
The seals will slide off the dove-tail on the plug faces.
If bottom access is not convenient Top Entry is also possible.


Pneumatic Actuators for
TruSeal Valves


Hydraulic Actuators for
TruSeal Valves



The best Rotary Process Valve
The TriAx Valve is a product of
Orbit Valve International Inc.

  • The high Integrity
  • Zero leakage
  • bi-directional positive isolation
  • Inherent Firsafety, certified to API 607

Valve for replacement of gate &
butterfly valves in:
  • Chemical processing
  • Petro-chemical processing
  • Gas processing
  • Oil & gas production
  • Petroleum refining
  • Power generator


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