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CTRLink BAS Switching Hub EIBA5-100T(R)

EIBA switches provided Plug and Play Ethernet connectivity for Building Automation Systems (BAS) which have unique needs -convenient mounting, simple and dependable operation, low-voltage input power and especially low-cost.

These switches provide 10/100 Mbps shielded RJ-45 ports. Each port supports the auto-negotiation protocol in order to select data rate, duplex and flow control. Both half- and full-duplex operation are supported as well as flow control. For half-duplex links, the Backpressure scheme is used. For full-duplex links, the PAUSE scheme is supported. All five ports are auto-MDI/X compliant allowing any port to operate as an uplink port to another switch to eliminate the need for crossover cables in the field. All these features require no operator intervention.

EIBA series address one of the key issues in building automation systems and that is convenient mounting in control panels. Office-grade equipment is intended for desktop operation and requires a separate power supply that needs to be powered from a 120/230 Volt AC mains circuit. This usually requires a shelf to be constructed to mount the unit and a duplex receptacle to be installed inside the control panel. BAS Switches are intended for DIN-rail mounting and can be powered from the same control transformer that is used to power the other BAS equipment, making the installation neat and rugged. BAS Switches can be powered from a low-voltage, wide-range DC power source as well. The activity LEDs on these units face the technician to ease troubleshooting. The label on the unit can be written upon so that port connections can be documented as to the location of connected equipment.

The auto-negotiation protocol allows BAS switches to link with any compatible 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX device. They will function with any key application layer that works with Ethernet, including BACnet/IP and BACnet/Ethernet. These units have built-in broadcast storm control to prevent excess broadcasts from degrading network performance.

• Compact Size
• 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX compliant
• Auto-MDI/X ports
• Auto-negotiated data rate, duplex and flow control
• Panel and DIN-rail mountable versions
• Powered from an unregulated DC power source (10-36V) or from an AC power source (8-24V, 47-63 Hz). Power is provided through a quick-disconnect terminal strip.
• Broadcast storm control
• Full or half-duplex
• Activity/link and data rate LEDs
• Industrial environment EMC
• CE Mark
• UL 508 Listed, c-UL Listed Industrial Control Equipment

Available Models:
• EIBA5-100T Five-port 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX switching hub, panel mount
• EIBA5-100T/R Five-port 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX switching hub, DIN-rail mount

• AI-XFMR-E Wall-mount plug-in transformer 230 VAC (nom) input/24 VAC (nom) output
• AI-DIN DIN-rail mounting kit for standard panel mount units


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