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DEMCO Corrosion-resistant Gate Valves DT/DB Series

Known throughout the industry for their quality design and rugged dependability, Demco corrosion-resistant gate valves and accessories are made especially for waterflood and CO2 applications. Demco Aluminum Bronze and Stainless Steel Products are designed especially for the demanding requirements of corrosive CO2 injection and waterflood applications in the enhanced oil recovery market. Demco Series DT gate valves are available in sizes 1" to 4". Demco Series DB gate valves are available for 6" and 8" size applications.

In-line field repairability
The bonnet is easily removed for internal parts inspection and/or replacement without removing the valve from the line. This design simplicity permits fast and easy service without the need for special tools.
Corrosion resistant materials are standard.
Body and bonnet materials as well as all internal wetted parts comply with NACE RP-0475.
Stem back-seat capability
Demco´s DT design allows the stem to back-seat providing a backup stem seal capability when the valve is in the open position.
Rising stem design
A rising stem moves the handle up and down providing a visible aid for determining whether the valve is in the open or closed position.
Pressure responsive drop-tight sealing
Standard seats consist of 316SS seat rings encapsulated with 90 Durometer, peroxide cured Buna N elastomer to provide reliable, drop tight sealing for extended service life.
Superior Abrasion Resistance
Buna N elastomer encapsulated seats also provide an excellent deterrent to abrasion, further enhancing extended service life.
Four ring stem packing set
The DEMCO DT stem seal design uses four packing rings preventing leakage into the stem journal and outside the valve.
Through conduit gate design
Full through conduit design assures nonturbulent flow and gate alignment for improved valve performance and longer service life.
Non-wetted stem thread design
DEMCO´s stem design isolates corrosive lading from contacting stem threads preventing stem seizure and assuring long trouble free valve performance.

Ball check valves, flow tees, strainers and chokes are available to complete requirements for an entire injection assembly.
Aluminum Bronze Ball Valves are also offered for additional requirements found in this market.

• Sizes
Series DT 1" - 4"
Series DB 6"x 4", 6" & 8"x 6"
• Pressure Class
1" - 4" DT: Class 600, 900 & 1500
6" DB: Class 600, 900 & 1500
8" DB: Class 600 & 900
• End Connection
Threaded and Flanged, contact us for detailed specs and sizes.
• Standard Materials
Body & Bonnet: Aluminum Bronze
Stem, gate and seat inserts: Stainless Steel
• Optional Materials
DT: Stainless Steel Body and Bonnet
Viton or P-10 seats
DB: Viton seat elastomer

Series DB Gate Valve
The DEMCO Series DB gate valve is available for the larger 6" and 8" pipe sizes in the enhanced oil recovery market. These valves also feature aluminum bronze body and bonnet as standard. Internal parts are 316SS.

The exclusive seat design of the DEMCO DB gate valve is the same proven design found in the DEMCO DM series gate valves. The seat consists of two identical metal wear rings encapsulated in elastomer to form a cylindrical shape with a gate slot and two round ports. The closed gate bears on the downstream wear ring while the elastomer provides a drop-tight, pressure responsive seal around the port. This design provides an effective seal even if the gate and seat ring become scored or abraded during service.

The Demco Series DB is also field repairable while the valve is in line.


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