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BRODIE Digital control valve BV88

The Model BV88 Digital Control Valve is designed to provide precise flow rate control and batch delivery of fluid products when used with an electronic batch control device. The valve is automatically controlled by the electronic preset for low flow start-up, high flow rate control, low flow shutdown, and final shut-off. This also provides for maximum flowmeter accuracy by maintaining a constant flow rate with varying line pressures. The Model BV88 features an external pilot control loop that consists of a normally-open solenoid pilot, a normally-closed solenoid pilot, strainer, and opening/closing speed controls.

Principle of Operation
The valves are pilot operated on a balanced piston principle. They are spring biased to a closed position. Pressure differential overcomes the force of the spring, causing the main valve to open and establish flow. The pilot control(s) vary the pressure on the spring side of the piston for position.

Batch control with flow limiting capabilities when used with electronic presets capable of digital control.

Design Features
• Precision flow rate and batch control
• Modular construction -all internal parts including seat ring can be removed with the cylinder assembly without disturbing line connections.
• No diaphragms or stuffing boxes
• 45° body design assures high capacity
• Positive shut-off
• Linear control characteristics with uniform response speed
• Automatic check valve - no reverse flow
• Fail-safe closes on loss of electrical power
• Tapered ports for better low flow response
Maximum Operating Pressure Differential (M.O.P.D.) Across Pilots:
150 lb. Standard - 150 PSID (1,035 kPa) /Optional - 285 PSID (1,967 kPa)
300 lb. Standard - 740 PSID (5,106 kPa)
• Valve Capacity Data:
Valve Size 3": 186 Cv-gpm*
Valve Size 4": 309 Cv-gpm*
Valve Size 6": 688 Cv-gpm*
*Cv based on wide open valve utilizing water at 60F (15.6C)

Materials of Construction
• Main Valve Body: Steel-ASTM-A216-GR-WCB
• Main Valve Cylinder: 17-4 Stainless Steel, Heat Treated
• Main Valve Piston: Stainless Steel
• Seat Ring: Stainless Steel
• O-Rings: Viton Standard (Other elastomers available)
• Other Internal Parts: Stainless Steel
• Pilot Valve Strainer/Needle Valve Strainer: Standard: Steel
• Tubings and Fittings: Standard: Steel

Standard Equipment
• Pre-wired solenoids (not for CENELEC execution)
• Opening and closing speed controls
• Self-cleaning strainer (Pilot Inlet)
• Stainless steel solenoid pilots
• Selectable power supply 12-24 vdc, 100-240 vac

Optional Equipment
• Manual Override
• Thermal Relief
• Pre-wiring for valves with CENELEC solenoids
• Pre-wiring for valves with ATEX solenoids

Availabe Flange Connections
• 3"-6" 150 lb. ANSI, Max Working Pressure @100°F: 285 PSI
DN 80-DN150 PN 25, Max Working Pressure: 25 Bar
• 3"-6" 300 lb. ANSI, Max Working Pressure @100°F: 740 PSI
DN 80-DN150 PN 64, Max Working Pressure: 51 Bar


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