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BRODIE Oval Flowmeter/Transmitter 9900 Series

The Brodie 9900 Series Oval Flowmeter/Transmitter with Smart Meter Manager™ (SMM) is a very high accuracy, positive displacement meter which utilizes microprocessor based electronics to provide multivariable flow computation and output for volumetric and mass measurement requirements. It is designed for use in the chemical, industrial, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and hydrocarbon process industries.

One of the most significant features of these meters is their ability to handle both low and high viscosity products with a low pressure drop across the meter. They are supplied in a compact, 3-piece design which uses both front and rear flanges instead of the closed-end body configuration found in traditional oval flowmeters. Available sizes are 1/2” through .

“Smart Meter Manager inside” best defines the Brodie 9900 Oval Flowmeter/Transmitter. Past products have only delivered simple square wave pulse outputs that represented raw unfactored meter pulses (K-Factors).

K-Factors require additional processing by a secondary piece of electronics to convert to engineering units or factored 4-20 mA analog output. The need for secondary electronics, additional wiring and power supplies can be eliminated by using the SMART METER MANAGER™. SMM is a multivariable flow computer that fits inside the standard Brodie UMB (Universal Mounting Box). Because the SMM only requires 4-20 mA Loop power, it hooks up as a simple 2-wire transmitter. The SMM expands the capability of the Oval to include factored 2-wire, 4-20 mA output, and with ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensator) the once simple K-Factor now represents both corrected volume and mass flow. This can be in the form of a 4-20 mA output, gross total and/or inventory total. In addition, transistor contacts provide scaled pulse outputs in both net and gross values. An additional contact provides an alarm output. This expanded capability is enhanced by HART? communications and the ability to use the standard 275 HART communicator.

• 2-Wire loop powered flowmeter/transmitter
• 316 Stainless steel measuring unit
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Pocketless measuring chamber
• Low pressure drop
• 2-Wire mass or volume output
• 4-20 mA analog output with HART? communication
• Smart Meter Manager™ can be located in UMB or Tri-20™
• User configurable, scalable pulse output
• Comprehensive alarms for both process flow and internal diagnostic checks
• Easy access programming
• 10-Point meter factor linearization
• Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F & G; Type 4 Weather Proof
• Intrinsically safe
• CE compliant

Principle of operation
The Oval Flowmeter accurately measures liquid flow by using a slight pressure differential to rotate a pair of oval gears located within the measuring chamber. Each complete rotation of the gears (rotors) displaces a fixed amount of liquid from the inlet to the outlet of the meter in a continuous flow pattern. The alternate driving action of the gears provides a smooth rotation of almost constant torque without dead spots.

Materials of Construction:
• Body: Stainless Steel CF8M w/Polyurethane Paint
• Rotors: 316 Stainless Steel
• Shafts: 316 Stainless Steel (Standard), Chrome Plated (Optional)
• Rotor Bearings: Carbon (Standard) Waukesha or Carbon Ceramic (Optional) for corrosive/abrasive products
• O-rings: Viton? (Standard), Teflon?, EPR, Silicon (Optional)

• Accuracy:
±0.5% on viscosities from 0.2 to 5 centipoise
±0.25% on viscosities of 5 centipoise and above
• Repeatability: ±0.5% or better

Brodie Smart Meter Manager (SMM) Technology
• 2-wire, loop-powered device for ease of wiring and installation
• 4-20 mA analog output with Bell-202 modulated HART communication channel
• User selectable 0% and 100% analog output ranges with optional smoothing
• Flexible (mix & match) units of measure for flowrates, totals, temperatures, densities, etc.
• Capability for two flow totalizers: Resettable and inventory
• User configurable, scalable pulse output for various engineering units
• Comprehensive alarms for both process flow and internal diagnostic checks

Flowmeters can be supplied with the SMM mounted within the explosion proof UMB enclosure or within an integrally mounted Tri-20 for local viewing.

Capabilities include:
• Volumetric and Mass Measurement in selected engineering units
• Automatic Temperature Compensation
• Analog and Pulse Output to remote instrumentation
• Diagnostic and System Alarms
• 2-Wire Mass or Volume Output
• Model 275 Hand-held Interface

The Tri-20 Transmitter and Electronic Register provides multivariable flow measurement capabilities that include net/gross volume, low flow cutoff, temperature compensation, accumulative and resettable totalization, product density and mass flow inference, plus the capability for local viewing and parameter setup. All measure parmeters are factory set with the capability of field programming. The Tri-20 may be mounted directly on the 9900 Series oval flowmeter or located remotely up to 20 feet away.


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