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Limitorque Electric Valve Actuator L120

Limitorque΄s L120 Series multi-turn actuators have a solid record of making valve control easier in a wide variety of demanding applications. Proven performers under the most challenging circumstances, Limitorque΄s L120 actuators are ideal for valves requiring rotary or linear movement.

With nine unit sizes, L120 electric actuators make it easy to meet or exceed your requirements for positive, dependable, valve actuation. Whether used with gate and globe valves, penstocks, or sluice gates, versatile L120 Series actuators operate without modification in any rising or non-rising stem application for linear-action valves.

When combined with a Limitorque gear operator, L120 actuators can also be used to control butterfly, ball, and plug valves, as well as damper drives, flop gates, or any other device which requires rotary movement.

Nowadays thousands of L120 actuators are operating in some of the world΄s most demanding conditions. In places where nothing less than day-after-day dependable operation is acceptable, the L120 is the actuator of choice due to its years of demonstrated reliability—a record matched by no other actuator.

L120 units are specified for use in petrochemical, power generation, and water and waste treatment applications where failure of a single actuator can be extremely costly…even catastrophic.

In Petrochemical installations such as refineries, pipelines, terminals, tank farms, cokers, and off-shore platforms rely on the L120΄s safety, endurance, and operational efficiencies. The L120 has network compatibility, explosionproof certification, and resistance to lightning, EMI, and fire.

In Power generation plants value the L120΄s availability, controls versatility, and reliable performance. The L120΄s rugged design and construction quality stands up to vibration, high-pressure steam, and extreme temperatures.

Water and waste treatment facilities benefit from the L120΄s low-maintenance requirements and modulating control capabilities. Units meet AWWA standards and easily fit the industry trend toward modern control networks. The wide range of options in the L120 Series allows specification needs to be met cost-effectively.

The time-tested design and solid construction of the L120 Series allow these actuators to handle up to 60,000 footpounds (81,600 Nm) of torque, and up to 500,000 pounds (225,000 kg) of thrust. Durable torque overload protection is provided in both directions of valve travel. Rugged enclosures are available in weatherproof, submersible, and
explosionproof configurations.

L120 units can also be coupled to gearboxes such as Limitorque΄s B320, WTR, PT, or HBC units for motorized operation of valves requiring quarter-turn or increased torque and/or thrust.

All L120 units are factory-lubricated and weatherproofed for service in temperature ranges from -50°C to 65°C (-56°F to 150°F). Submersible, explosionproof, and extremely cold temperature versions of all L120 models are available for appropriate applications.

Features include:
• Aluminum and ductile iron housings that offer durability.
• Weatherproof, submersible, and explosionproof construction for the most demanding environments.
• All metallic lubricated steel-on-bronze gearing has shaft-supported anti-friction bearings for years of reliable operation.
• Manual declutching disconnects motor from handwheel to protect personnel.
• Torque overload protection in both directions.
• Compatible with most network configurations.


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