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Creating, developing and manufacturing protective coatings to meet the needs of industry, has always been the sole purpose of The Tapecoat Company. It originates the idea of a tape saturated with coal tar as the practical answer for protecting pipe joints against corrosion.

Tapecoat points with pride to the vast applications of its product line in industries, such as gas and oil, water and sewage, construction, communications and marine.

It conducts on-going education and training of all of its personnel throughout the world, to keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in protective coating technologoy.


River crossing coated with
Tapecoat H50


Tapecoat TerraShield rockshield
protection product


Tapecoat TerraShield used to protect
a large diameter gas pipe coating from
heavy backfill


TC Flangecoat used to protect
flanges against corrosion at  a
gas meter station


TC Envirocoat System - Corrosion Protection

TC Envirocoat is a VOC-free family of petrolatum-based anticorrosion products, that can be applied to wet or dry surfaces for above and below ground steel pipes and hard to wrap flanges and fittings. These non-toxic coatings are also and economical solution for encapsulating toxic lead-based painted surfaces.

  • TC Enviroprime
  • TC Envirotape
  • TC Enviro-hardcoat
  • TC Flangecoat
  • TC Enviromastic
  • TC Stretch Outerwrap

  TC Envirotape is a prefabricated petrolatum coating in tape form designed to protect wet or dry irregularly shaped metal surfaces. Ideal for valves, flanges, fittings, vaults, manholes and tunnels or other areas where continuous moisture levels make normal coating material difficult or impractical to apply.


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