Waterman Industries, Inc., established in Exeter, California, manufactures brass and galvanized steel gates & valves for irrigation industries.

Because Waterman businesses are based upon agriculture, water treatment and flood control, each a vital component of the system for food supply and conservation of resources throughtout the world, it has enjoyed rapid growth and expansion. With the expanded capacity, volume and gate sizes greatly increased; Waterman nowadays, manufactures units with openings as large as 144''.

Waterman is also able to manufacture cast products for other customers in addition to controlling the production and quality of its own valves.

CNC Planer

For numerically controlled
machining of Sluice Gates

One of five CNC Turning

Waterman crew, performing
final adjustments


Machining Capabilities for almost
any size gate


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Tel: +30 1 93 34 414, Fax: +30 1 93 73 716
E-mail: a.papadakis@indmac.gr