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Brodie Meter
Brodie Meter provides liquid flow meters and equipment for the petroleum and industrial markets. The company specializes in high precision meters that are used in the custody transfer of petroleum products in a variety of applications. All of the products are field proven and provide cost effective solution for custody transfer requirements. The current product portfolio includes positive displacement meters (PD) – (BiRotor meter™, BiRotor Plus™, Oval Gear meter and Vane meter), electronic totalizers, strainers and air eliminators, control valves, calibration and reconditioning services, and fabricated skids. All of these products have enjoyed a great deal of success in the past and are globally recognized and respected in the industry.

In addition to having manufacturing expertise, the company also has the largest Calibration Center in North America, with flow rates up to 20,000 B/H on water and 12,000 B/H on mineral spirits. The Service Center located at the plant repairs and rebuilds meters and valves of varying sizes from various manufacturers.

Products of Brodie Meter
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Product NameModel
Air Eliminators and Combination Air Eliminator/Strainers
BRODIE Back-Pressure control valveBV60
Brodie Cyclone PD Meter2200
BRODIE Digital control valveBV88
Brodie Meter BiRotor Plus™BiRotor Plus™
BRODIE Oval Flowmeter/Transmitter9900 Series
In-Line and Angle Strainers

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