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Product NameModel
Thermo-Electric Power SourceTEC-2/8
CTRLink Managed/Unmanaged Switch IP67 ratedEISW Series
Limitorque Network ControllerMaster Station II
Portable Venturi Air MoverJectair
Coppus Reaction FansRF series
MCS Digital Microwave Tank Gauge8900d
MCS Servo Tank Gauge2800i
BRODIE Oval Flowmeter/Transmitter9900 Series
Brodie Meter BiRotor Plus™BiRotor Plus™
Brodie Cyclone PD Meter2200
Argus Ball Valve FK seriesFK79
ARGUS Ball Valve EK seriesEK71
Argus Ball Valve FK seriesFK75M
DEMCO Corrosion-resistant Gate ValvesDT/DB Series
W-K-M DynaSeal? Trunnion Ball Valve370CT
GROVE Side Entry Ball ValveB5
GROVE Side Entry Ball ValveB4
GROVE Fully Welded Body Ball ValveB8
General Valve Four-Way Diverter Valve4-way series
Orbit DB&B Plug ValveTruSeal
Cameron Fully Welded Ball Valve
Orbit Rising Stem Ball ValveOrbit-RSBV
Standard valves in special materialsRED-SM
Special valves in standard materialsRED-SV
BRODIE Back-Pressure control valveBV60
BRODIE Digital control valveBV88
Coppus Horizontal Axial-Split Single Stage Steam TurbineRLHB15
Coppus Horizontal, Axial Split, Single Stage Steam TurbineRLHA
Coppus Horizontal, Axial Split, Single Stage Steam TurbineRLHB
Coppus Horizontal, Radially Split, Single Stage Steam TurbineRLA
Coppus Vertical, Radially Split, Single Stage Steam TurbineRLVA
Coppus API-612 Special Purpose Single Stage Steam TurbineRLHA24S
Coppus Low pressure, High Volume Single Stage Steam TurbineRLHA28E
Motherwell Pressure and Vacuum Relief ValveCNC 380
BROOKS Metal Tube VA FlowmeterMT 3809/3819
Limitorque Accutronix Electronic Valve ActuatorAccutronix MX
Limitorque Electric Valve ActuatorL120
Limitorque Bevel Gear OperatorB320
In-Line and Angle Strainers
Air Eliminators and Combination Air Eliminator/Strainers
STDN Marine & Offshore Seawater ElectrochlorinationSANILEC

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